For Children

For Children
Soft Indoor Boule / Petanque / Boccia Set in wooden box
Product ID : A 11111
A set of 6 soft bristle boules in an attractive, robust wooden case with...
“Useful Gifts” Set Newborn Baby Hairbrush and Scissors
Hot Deal
Product ID : A 5254
Ultrasoft baby hair brush goats hair and bay nail scissors. Save $ 8.00 with...
Baby Hair Brush Goat's Hair Hand Made
Product ID : A 3064
Hand made Baby Hair Brush Goat's Hair, 3 colors, patterns vary.
Wooden Baby Comb
Product ID : A5356
Beechwood, 13 cm long, very fine cut, Made in Germany
Baby Hair Brush Goat's Hair small
Product ID : A 5301
Baby Hair Brush Goat's Hair 15 cm.
Baby Hair Brush Goat's Hair with motive
Product ID : A 5301M
Baby Hair Brush very soft Goat's Hair 15 cm.
Baby Hair Brush Soft Bristles small
Product ID : A 5300
waxed beechwood, pure soft boar's bristles
Baby Hair Brush Goats Hair Pear Wood Handle
Product ID : A5307
waxed pearwood natural ultrasoft goats hair, 16 cm.
Baby Hair Brush Soft Bristles
Product ID : A5308
pearwood, pure soft boar's bristles
Childrens Room Broom Horsehairmix
Product ID : A12002
All natural wood, full horsehair mixture, 30 inches. For children 3-5 years old.
Childrens Brush Horsehair
Product ID : A12012
Untreated wood, pure grey horsehair, 21 cm. Great too for brushing sand from...
Childrens Hand Brush and Dustpan Set
Product ID : A12015
Brush: All natural wood, grey pure horsehair, 21 cm. Metal dustpan 17 x 24...
Children's Bath Brush
Hot Deal
Product ID : A5208
Children's Bath Brush natural soft bristles