Tips for Caring for Your Brushes

These beautiful brushes, dusters and brooms made of pure horsehair or the soft hair of the Chinese log hair goat should be cared for as you would care for your own hair:

Clean the brush after each use, either by brushing over the hair with your hand and fingers or by using a little comb like our brush cleaning brush to remove all collected dirt.

If the brush gets really dirty, you can hand wash these brushes gently with hand warm water and shampoo.

Shake the water out after washing and/or dry with a towel (please do not rub, just cover and press the towel gently on the hair to soak water out as much as possible).

Finally hang the brush in fresh air for drying (but never put them on a heater - the hair would dry out).

When the brush is dry, you can comb it with a metal comb.

Store the brushes by hanging or laying them down, but never let them stand on the hair or bristles.

If you follow these tips for care you will enjoy our highest quality horsehair and goats hair products for a very long period of time

Kitchen and Bath Brushes:

Shake the water out after use and hang the brush in fresh air for drying to prevent mold (but never put them on a heater - the hair and wood would dry out). Long soaks in water can crack the wood. Never put any of the natural brushes in the dishwasher or washing machine, this would ruin any of our natural brushes.